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Are you trying to figure out a better way to market yourself and your creative business? Do you have a question about podcasting or need coaching on your podcast? Would you like to share some feedback or a potential podcast guest for the show? No matter what it is I’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the general structure for a podcast?

Podcast shows and episodes come in all shapes and sizes and people are getting more and more creative with their shows as the medium continues to grow.

For interview-style shows like The Artful Entrepreneur podcast, the structure is generally: Intro Hook + Show intro + Episode intro + Interview/Topic + Outro

Shows can also have ads at the beginning, the middle, and/or the end of episodes, if that is something that you would like to have in your show. TIP: This is a great way to promote your business within the context of your show.

+ Is there a duration that converts the best?

Yes, the one that fits your content and keeps your audience engaged.

+ How did you come up with your niche audience?

Sharing the inspiring stories of “artful entrepreneurs” is my passion, is aligned with the mission of my business, and (because of my personal experience as a creative weirdo) is a niche I can happily talk about all day long.

+ What audio equipment do you use?

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