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Artful Entrepreneurs!

Do you want to grow your creative business but don’t know how to market yourself?

Hi, my name is Gabe Ratliff. I am committed to saving you time, money, and potential mistakes as you tell your story and share your message with the world. I am here to support you with branding, marketing, and strategy coaching so that you can tell your story in powerful and effective ways — podcasting is just one method that we can use to tell your story.


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    Have you been thinking about doing a podcast?

    A podcast allows you the ability to market yourself, become a thought leader, and grow your creative business without the high costs that can come with producing video content.

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    Develop Your Own Artful Podcast
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    Do you want to grow your creative business but don’t know how to market yourself? Do you have something to say but have felt like you don’t have a voice in a world filled with noise? Are you ready to step up as a thought leader in your industry and lead the conversation about the topic you are so passionate about? If so, join one of my 3-month group coaching programs to learn how to develop your own artful podcast.


    You'll get:

    • Three 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions

    • Custom email and video support throughout the program

    • Support and feedback from fellow Artful Entrepreneurs in your group

    • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for members of the program

    • Plus a Bonus coaching session where we’ll celebrate you having your first three episodes of your podcast that are ready to begin promoting for your launch

    Would you rather have one-on-one coaching instead? Schedule a discovery call with me.

    Not interested in podcasting? I also offer strategy sessions and monthly one-on-one coaching!

    Monthly One-on-One Coaching

    60-minute virtual coaching session once a month via Zoom.

    Two-Hour Strategy Session w/ Monthly One-on-One Coaching

    2-hour virtual strategy session plus 60-minute virtual coaching session once a month via Zoom.

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