Develop Your Own Artful Podcast

3-month Podcast Coaching Programs. Group and One-on-One options are available.

Do you want to grow your creative business but don’t know how to market yourself? Do you have something to say but have felt like you don’t have a voice in a world filled with noise? Are you ready to step up as a thought leader in your industry and lead the conversation about the topic you are so passionate about? If so, join one of my 3-month virtual coaching programs to learn how to develop your own artful podcast.

Two women sitting at a table with a podcast microphone between them

Group Coaching

You’ll Get:

  • Three 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions

  • Custom email and video support throughout the program

  • Support and feedback from fellow artful entrepreneurs in your group

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for members of the program

  • Plus a Bonus coaching session where we’ll celebrate you having your first three episodes of your podcast that are ready to begin promoting for your launch

  • Check out our full curriculum below

A woman edits a podcast episode on her laptop with a microphone in the foreground

One-on-One Coaching

Would you rather have one-on-one coaching instead? We’ll follow a similar curriculum as the group coaching program. You’ll just get more one-on-one time with me throughout the process. Does this feel more like what you’re looking for?

Program Curriculum

By our final session, you will have 3 completed episodes and the confidence you need to launch your new podcast out into the world!

Session 1:

In our first session, I’ll debunk some popular myths about podcasting and go over the necessary equipment you need to get started. I’ll also help you hone in on your topic, create a profile for your audience, and go over your options for format and style.

  • Debunking myths about podcasting

  • Generating show ideas

  • Identifying your podcast “avatar”

  • Overview of your podcast options (categories, types, and schedule)

  • Understanding the equipment and software required (hint: it’s not much)

Session 2:

In our second session, we’ll touch base on your progress and then dive deep into how to craft yourself for the market (including your mission, message, and branding). I’ll also walk you through the steps of planning to record your first episode, and share my specific tips for flawless interviews. Then we’ll talk about where and how to host your podcast on the web.

  • Your presentation in the market (mission, avatar, message, branding)

  • Creating a plan for recording episodes

  • Concrete recording tips for interviews

  • Your options for media hosting (ex. Libsyn)

  • Using a domain, social media, and web hosting for your podcast (if applicable)

Session 3:

We’ll start by assessing your progress and then go over my step-by-step process for recording, editing, and posting an episode online. I’ll also share some templates you can use for interviewing your guests (including release forms, questionnaires, surveys and emails).

  • A podcast episode SOP template, including a 7-Step editing process

  • Tips for file/media management

  • Understanding media hosting and your podcast feed

  • Bonus: release forms, questionnaires, and email templates for your guests

Session 4:

By this session, you should have 3 completed episodes and 2 more episodes either recorded or scheduled. Each group member will have a chance to showcase 3-5 minutes of their intro episode and receive feedback on their show artwork, description, intro/outro, music, and overall show clarity. We’ll plan for your launch date and celebrate all your hard work!

  • Showcase 3-5 min of finished introduction episode

  • Receive constructive feedback on your shared episode

  • Tips on how to grow your audience moving forward

  • Understanding your options for monetizing

  • Celebrating all the hard work you’ve done!

Interested? Schedule a discovery call with me to learn more.