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017: David Obuchowski — The Creative Process and making a career in art for yourself

David Obuchowski is a freelance essayist whose work has been published in Jalopnik, Longreads, The Awl, Gawker, Deadspin, The Daily Beast, and others. He is the creator, host, writer, and producer of the acclaimed documentary podcast, Tempest. He has a TV show in development with award-winning film and television makers, and his fiction is published in several…

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015: Greth Ligon - Inciting emotion through the exploration of music and sound

Greth Ligon is a Colorado-based composer and music producer. After singing for a number of bands growing up he eventually transitioned into writing music for various media. He has composed music for feature films Whensday and Crash & Burn Stories, and additional music for the thriller anthology film, Locker 13. He has also written music…

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