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018: Kate Wilkonson - Building community and connection with people through custom jewelry

Kate Wilkonson, owner of Arcatus Jewelry, is a Denver, Colorado native and classically-trained jewelry designer by trade, who focuses on custom pieces that have a story and a soul inside them. Though tremendous passion lies there, it’s a solitary life and by itself doesn’t complete Kate’s passion for connection and building community…

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016: Greg Amanti - Supporting your creative community as you master your craft

On this episode, I talk with Greg Amanti, a master mold maker, stone carver, and critically acclaimed artist and artisan based in Bend, Oregon.  We discuss how art is akin to an athlete getting into the flow state, as well as how he feels about “writer’s block” and how he manages it in relation to his artwork.  We chat about how he breaks through those periods of “inertia” and self-doubt, and…

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